Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tango shoes on a non-tango blog

It appears that the superfantastic Plumcake, one of the writers of the Manolo for the Big Girl blog, enjoyed at least a brief flirtation with tango--or, anyway, with tango shoes, and apparently at some point with a tango instructor--some time ago.

"Holy Grail Found in Buenos Aires!"

"Two Thursdays ago found me on my knees with my head in the oven," she begins. (A tango-spirited opener if ever I've seen one!)

I wonder whether she ever pursued that interest.

I really don't find my tango shoes all that comfortable for much regular walking around--you know, firmly on my whole foot and forward-moving--but I strongly suspect that Ms. Plumcake is made of sterner stuff than I, where everyday footwear is concerned. She posts recommendations of many shoes that, although they are lovely and (I'm sure) fine for women who are practiced in the art of wearing high heels, I (a novice) quail at the thought of wearing for any length of time. (I'm looking--longingly--at you, Tiffany-blue fourth ones down! The Kate Spades are gorgeous and not much higher than my CIFs... but still a scary idea to me. Those little Mary Janes, now... But all of this is academic at the moment, as the budget is a little tight.)

I also wonder how many women are drawn to tango by the shoes. Conversely, I have been drawn to shoes by tango.

In related news, a friend who I helped introduce to tango a while ago just bought her first pairs of made-for-tango shoes! In red and black, and leopard print! She called from the festival in Nearby City to tell me, immediately after the purchase, and we rejoiced together.

*Sniffle* I'm so proud! I can't wait to see her dance in them; she says they feel great!


  1. Oh man...I love those Kate Spades.

    Nova and I picked up heels at Kohl's the other day. I got a pair of smoky gray open-toed suede heels that I adore, and Nova's are black strappy ones with a bow and tiny rhinestone accents. I want to steal hers, but they don't feel quite as great as mine. ;)

  2. Okay, I have to share pictures. Because I'm a huge shoe squee-er. :)

    Nova's (only her rhinestones are silvery) -

    Mine (although the stitching is not as apparent on mine) -

  3. They're both lovely! Those "Valentine" heels have something very tango-ish about them--but maybe I think that about all sexy shoes these days. :) And "smoky gray" is an excellent description of yours--they're beautiful. But again, I say, you are a braver woman than I am!

    Wear them in good health--and to devastating effect! ;)