Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tango crushes

And there is no doubt that an embrace that is too deceptively beautiful can be emotionally dangerous for an overly sensitive and boy-crazy girl like me who spends so much time crushing on someone unattainable or mourning a relationship which ended sadly. The tango embrace is only a simulacrum, the holodeck version of intimaccy.

--"Terpsichoral," the Tango Addict: "Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you."

Oh boy, can I relate.  So, I suspect, can many others, because, as she also points out,

If you find someone attractive anyway, how can you not crush on them, when you are holding them in your arms and gliding around the floor in a daze of tango happiness?

--Terpsichoral: "Dancing and crushing."

It is so reassuring to know I'm not the only one--that, in fact, it may be very natural in a dance like this. But there is something important to try to keep in mind:

What many dancers are searching for is that magical connection on the dance floor which is not a means to any kind of an end, but just a beautiful thing in itself.

--Terpsichoral: "Dancing and crushing."

I leave by myself. All that I have of him is the memory of our dances and the scent of his cologne that lingers on my dress.


  1. I spot a theme here! Thanks for the wonderfully suggestive collage of juxtaposed quotations you've created here.

    I once said to a friend, "I wish I weren't so sensitive to male charms, so susceptible to crushing on people," and she said, "well, if you weren't like that, maybe you wouldn't dance tango". !

  2. Ah my.. ! But what of us blokes who are so sensitive to female charms specially when also mourning a loss ? A complete tango embrace is indeed like arnica healing the heart.

  3. Terpsichoral: Yes, it's true, I'm a sadly lovelorn--or at least, crush-lorn(?)--tanguera at the moment. Thank you for letting me borrow from your writing! Your friend also raised a good point. :)

    Anon.: Some things are not unique to either gender. "Is it perfume from a dress / That makes me so digress?"...