Thursday, April 29, 2010

SallyCat on the Secret and the Gift

This! Yes! This Is Why!

I may have coherent thoughts somewhere in my mind, about things and stuff? But right now I am blissfully lost in the memories of dancing with my own favorite partners. Because Sally gets it exactly right.

(...And to think I might never have seen it if I hadn't happened to read Mari's Tango Diaries just this very day! Clearly I need to spend more time thinking about and reading about tango in all the awesome blogs that are out there!)

(And if you read the comments on Sally's post? Yes, I giggle.)


  1. Can you believe how this has taken off??? I'm so excited by everyone's responses - but still trying to work out how to form my own response. So many ideas . . .

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for posting this about my post... and for the comment you left on my blog. I am so happy that you giggle too :)

    I've been amazed and delighted by the feedback I got on this post. Not sure that I ever had so many comments before, and I think I've written almost a book, in my replies!!!
    Very exciting to feel that something I wrote touched so many people.
    Thank you for letting me know that it touched you.

    Warm hug, SC

  3. All the replies, and your replies to our replies, are great, Sally; I love getting to see everyone further explore their thoughts about it all--though I haven't marshaled my own thoughts on it yet. Thank you for posting and encouraging this discussion!

    A hug back to you,