Friday, March 26, 2010

Tango en français

What I want to know is, who teaches these Frenchmen how to tango? Last weekend in Nearby City, I got to dance with someone who turned out to be another lovely and delightful French leader. France is three for three, on my personal scorecard! With this small sample size, of course, it is probably too soon to generalize about the whole of the French tango community, but I'm inclined to think somebody is doing something right.

I will probably write more about other lovely things from last weekend, later. There were many!


  1. Here is my take on 3 for 3: If it were not for New York, mambo (known from NYC as "salsa") would have been unknown outside of Latin America. However, if it were not for Paris, Tango would have died or been just another folk dance of South America. When tango was BANNED from public in Argentina, musicians and dancers went to -- Paris. No wonder that France is three for three. I have danced with French tangueras too. My German date in Saarbrücken was so jealous that she had to leave the milonga to cool down. The room felt pretty hot to me too after that tanda. Europe is far ahead of the US for close embrace and just generally. Little towns have milongs and their own talented teachers.

  2. Awesome! If I wasn't already planning to bring a pair of tango shoes the next time I go to France, I am now! (But I always try to see what there is in the way of tango, whenever I travel, anymore. :)